​Succeed his transaction

Selling or acquisition of a property is an essential act.

For the buyer, it is the place of life in which he is going to live an important part of his existence. To set up in serenity is really fundamental.

For the seller, he is going to part from a significative part of property holdings, so, from his capital. A good sale has to be a sale without litigation.

The estate agent role is , in these conditions, fundamental all the more so the bylaw is becoming tighter.
Almost every month, new disposal are implemented.
Remunerate the estate agent is not an encumbrance, but a real saving because he allows you, considering his professionalism and his competence, to avoid omissions, bad estimation and future bone of contention.

« A negociation is a constant attention. Our customers understand and appreciate our intervention just once the sale is signed. »
Michel Veyrier
Founder of Demeures du Grand Sud

On the buyer’s side

Definition of the requirements and borrowing capacity

Properties can offer large areas and require significant additional fees.
Too often, these factors are misjudged.

The geographical location

The determination of the geographical location is difficult. Each region offers micro-zones (areas or villages) which all have a specific renown and quality of life.
Once the property is chosen, it is always useful to have a good understanding and a good felling about the micro-zone in which the property is located.
Once again, your estate agent is available if you need further information.

Buying to resell

Paradoxically, any buyer must ask himself/herself, is my property resalable?
This question is essential, especially as some properties require renovation works and constructions.
In this way, the potential resale will have to bear the costs of the future investments.

Glossary of the transaction

A specific glossary very useful for any purchaser : Click here

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