Value your property

Before selling your property, the estimation of its value is an essential step.

We are at your disposal to provide you the needed help in completing your property transfer or inheritance project in a successful way.

On the seller’s side

The preparation of the transaction is crucial:

1- The fair value: the price-fixing is a very delicate step, there are too many notices of sale put on the market at a very high price. It results in a waste of time and the property is bandied about since it stays on the market for too long. Your estate agent guides you in the price-fixing in accordance with his/her expert knowledge of the property. Even though the notaries have a data bank, very few of them take the time to go and see the property. Thanks to an in-depth viewing of the property and the benchmarking, your estate agent is able to accurately give a fair price range.

2- The capital gains analysis: Once the price is set, the notary’s approval is essential to decide on the potential capital gains after the transfer. Even if the property was transmitted from generation to generation it may generate some capital gains, with respect to donations which are not any more in accordance with the new calendars and repayment schedules regarding the capital gains.Moreover, the listing of the works and constructions which might have been done on the property is also an important thing to do.Another vital concern is the taxation system. Indeed, it may not be the same between the various property holders. This issue must be clarified by the notaries.

3- The expert assessments: the mandatory expert assessments are required to put the immovable property on sale on the market (Diagnosis of Energy Performance (DPE), asbestos, lead, Public On-site Sanitation Service (SPANC), …).Carrying out these analyses at the last moment may cause real difficulties during the negotiations. As soon as the decision to sell is taken, we objectively advise to make all the expert assessments of which the list can be passed on to you by your estate agent.

4- Preparation of the property: some properties, particularly the old ones, may have some downsides (dilapidation …). It is always useful to discuss it with your estate agent, as some minor renovation works (refurbishment, cleaning, daily maintenance) might facilitate the sale.

We must precise that our process is entirely confidential.

In the case of an application for assessment, you are not bounded by any obligation to sell.

Furthermore, it is explicitly stated here that we are not a certified real estate expert approved by the Courts.

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